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November 15, 2011



I don't understand the problem. Of course, the words Sophist, and Sophomoric,have a history for a reason.
Smith? Keynes?
What's the conflict about THIS college remedial "introduction" course?
Non-attendance? FAIL.
No evidence that you fully comprehend the scope of the subject? FAIL.
Now go home and tell Daddy and Mummy how much MORE of the "tuition" for your "education" you just poured down the drain.
I'm sure they, and/or the evil lending institution involved, will understand and "forgive" the debt incurred of the fruits of "unearned income" of other peoples money.

Hope you at LEAST comprehend the shovel101 part of the "...shovel ready jobs." track. Maybe your delusional "med school" drop/fail out comrades can AT LEAST help you with Blisters/Callouses 101, but don't count on 7-time-losers from the Bar Exams to offer practical advice on sleeping bags and tents as practical substitutes for overpriced dorm accommodations. However, there's plenty of victims of VAWA, ZERO "tolerance", and homeless Vets, EXPERT in such matters.

Hint: Dumpster stew (#10 can, used chaffing dish Sternos, restaurant cast offs) is FAR more nutritious, and MUCH less taxing on other peoples money, than just ONE "Fair Trade" Double Latte Venti.

Besides, If your "interest" in economics is ...intellectual pursuits and diverse disciplines, you should be reading F.A.Hayak anyway. Smith and Keynes ought to have been covered in HIGH SCHOOL "economics". material.

The Really scary part: How many (ie.)NYC "institution of higher learning" professors, or "credentialed adjuncts", are bestowing "credit" for mere attendance of OWS events, IN LIEU OF...? Is Rutgers recognizing such participation in this as "good enough" for an off-campus, independent study, GLBT Minority and Women's Suffrage Studies certificate of attendance(suitable for framing) Degree? program?

john lawless

So some Harvard students went there to have their prejudices confirmed rather than to learn anything. The professor is better off without them.

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