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December 26, 2011



Solindra(and that OTHER one)? Canadian Pipeline? Fast and Furious? "Free" Health care? Unsupplanted Coal Power plant eradication? Nobel Prize? Two month tax break? All those crazy things Beck said about the desert folk, that are unexpectedly coming to fruition? go girl.

Off Topic.
I'll confess to being asleep at the wheel for a bit during the holiday distraction.
What happened to DBD?
And, other than the fact that I still use dial-up,
why does it still take freakin' FOREVER (you know-a WHOLE MINUTE)
for the site to load, even WITHOUT DBD graphics?

Don't get me wrong, worth the wait for the content(as I generally use the lag time to scratch any itchy parts and refill my coffee), but ...inquiring minds want to know!

Tom Bowler

Regarding DBD, I didn't feel LL was getting much benefit from it since the only comments I got on it were from people who weren't getting the jokes. I had to admit some of them are pretty obscure. So in the interest of faster page loads I ditched it. Sorry to hear it's not helping much. Eventually I'll get around to ditching much of my blogroll since that also provides LL with very little benefit.

Glad to hear that you find it worthwhile to wait the lag time. It will inspire me to a more consistent effort.

" go girl?" What girl?

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