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May 03, 2012



You may also want to check his interview in the WSJ..

Tom Bowler

Yes, a very good interview.


"Many students who did well in school either don't have a job or took one far below their expensive skills."

Which sorta' begs the question- What exactly is "did well in school" supposed to imply? Productive? Potentially capable? Entitled? Qualified?
Especially considering the outstanding debt that MOST "earned", upon receipt, of their certificate of attendance, on TOP of the US$50,000 or so of "international debt" currently "owed" by every man woman and child in the US (NOT just the 50% of mere actual tax-PAYERS)even BEFORE they gambled their initial, non-refundable, "admissions application fees".

I noted with interest that a two year old recently demonstrated (apparently innate) proficiency worthy of invitation to Mensa's
rolls. Does this merit a "gimme" in lieu of...say SAT's, for
admissions "qualifications" and "free" tuition/room/board, or a
DEMAND that proved metrics defining Mensa's policy of discrimination be dumbed-down like, say, the SAT's, and subsequent
"humanities"/ liberal arts "Bachelors/Masters/Doctorate" bestowals?

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