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June 06, 2012



Help me out here....
Is it possible that the droves of folks "opting out" of forced
"dues" money to elect "legislators" that "compromise" by playing hookey and hiding across State lines will no longer support lavish "retreats" for "labor" rent seekers (mostly sub-standard law "students"?)that have never done a day of "labor" in their lives?

I wonder if there's a case to be made via. "commerce Clause" if such auto-deduct, Union backed, "legislators" crossed state lines while on-the-clock?

Tell me again Mr. (Howard) Dean, who's more divisive?


What the failed Wisconsin recall vote means for "the left" is-
1. Immediate irrational denial.
2. A violent thrashing tantrum on the floor of the market (remember those?)check-out line.
3. An consequent spanking, "out in the car".

Tom Bowler

Bingo on all counts, Cap. Let's not forget that all of this might never have happened if mainstream media still had its monopoly on the dissemination of "news." These days we chuckle when they report about how "heroic" state legislators were hiding in a motel in Illinois. Real freedom fighters, you know.

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