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August 23, 2012



"they won't find out until after the votes are counted."

You are assuming that the November election will actually take place.


... oh, and don't forget: Black people, union members, and cemetery residents will vote mostly for Obama. Some of them more than once.

Tom Bowler

Yes, that is an assumption. The November election will take place. As to the second point, people will be watching. Voter fraud is a hot button this year.


Electoral College? You mean I don't live in a "peoples" democracy, but rather, a Constitutional Republic?

I have to vote for Rep, AND a Senator? Why?
WHat is this "change-over day" thingie?

You mean after ALL THAT, one office holder can just cancel stuff, then make contrary "proclaimations"? Who "appoints" the referees for this anyway?

What is this "executive commitee" thingie I keep hearing about? Is THAT important?

Whoda' thunk it could be so...complicated?
Maybe we should just ignore extra "insight" from "academics"?

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