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September 28, 2012



We live in a time of rapid change. It might very well be the case that polls which could have been counted on to be accurate four years ago could be well off the mark today. Here's some evidence (admittedly anectdotal)for this viewpoint.

I've heard there is data to suggest that people calling themselves conservative are far less likely to respond to pollsters in the first place. This could account for the fact that Dems are over-represented in some polls. Also, I've observed that many people these days, myself included, have discarded land lines entirely in favor of cell phone service exclusively. Because of this, it's possible that blue-haired shut-ins are more likely to be sampled because their names and phone numbers can be found online and because--perhaps--they are more likely to have a spare twenty minutes to talk to a pollster. This last circumstance would likely have been less relevant four years ago. I myself have declined to be polled more than once simply because of the time involved.

But seriously, I'm pretty sure our lives would be more pleasant generally if we didn't have to babysit our political class. I've come up with a catch-all Constitutional Amendment which I believe would diminish greatly their relevance in our lives. It's based on the premise that when we pay for our own mistakes, we tend to make fewer mistakes (the principle of profit and loss in economics).

You can find it here: http://parallelparty.blogspot.com

Please take a few minutes to glance over it.

Thougtful comments are welcome.

Tom Bowler

Rick, your amendment won't fly. It is unconstitutional for a citizen to be subject to a finding of criminal guilt based on popular vote. We're constitutionally entitled to trial by jury for that sort of thing.


Why is there a DAILY Presidential tracking poll?
(well...apparent market for it aside)

Can it be superimposed, DAILY, over the various cable/print/web "news" source viewership "dailys"?
(but only along with DAILY actual "like"/"don't like" votes)

Disclaimer: I am ONE of those folk, calling themselves conservative, that are far less likely to respond to pollsters in the first place.
Especially ones citing "quick", or are shameless push "polls".
YES I have a phone screwed to the wall.
No I don't "do" face/twit/streaming.
YES I chuckle at folks that run into cross walk poles/fall into fountains at the mall, due to "need" of dataectomy.
No I don't need to read past the first paragraph of what such folk opine "to The Editor..." in my local and State paper, OR amongst talking head
"producer"/host/"professional contributors"/
"expert guests".

Retro-? Paleo-? You bet!

-phobic? Big poopy-head?
Ah, if only folks could decern between irrational fear or hatred...and intellectual discrimination.

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