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September 21, 2012



"...something most viewers probably didn’t know, that Warren represented Travelers Insurance Co. and was paid $225,000 to defeat asbestos claims."

Kinda' like Ms. Clintons legal work for the major importer of Chinese "durable" goods-Mall Wart?

Meanwhile, in matters important to NH's autonomy from Fed/International New-World-Order Facism...

Anyone bought a GM (etc.) electric car yet? How much? How much "rebate" is involved?
Where're ya gonna' "plug it in"?
Think that Northern "extention cord" from Canada is gonna' help in NH? How about those windmills/Chinese solar panels?
I sure hope uh...snow, on those long winter nights, doesn't become an issue.
How come there's plenty of bio-"additive" for the $4.00/gal fuel, yet "big agro" needs "extra" legislated financial "help", AS USUAL, to "distribute" increasingly expensive FOOD to the market shelves?
(admittedly, a "legislated" can of worms THERE)

Dosen't the rising-cost rationing (yet with a seemingly over abundant, on-demand supply-like "health" care)cover that?

How come "firewood" seems to have "unexpectedly" shot up so fast?

How come there's "suddenly" more Canadian licence plate tourism than Mass. plate tourism in the North? Who's behind all this "rooms, meals, (and campsight) brew-ha-ha. How's it working out for ya?

Are YOUR local-ish "health care" providers "suddenly" springing up reorganisation, consolidation, legislation of "new rules", electronic coding, to "streamline" YOUR "health" care "experience"?

You want less waste, more conservation? Think more toward folks that self-identify as um... Conservative.

While it would be swell if the nice folks in Mass. had more "extra" cash to escape to "tax- free"(bwa ha ha ha ha ha) NH, and mindful that Libertarian Leanings MIGHT have "exposure" in Mass., the Senator v. Professor donnybrook in Mass. is NIMBY to ME. (Insert ironic Maine politics joke here)

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