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January 27, 2013



Hillaries first response is still disembling.

This was not a protest about a movie, it was also not a bunch of guys who hated america out for a walk.
It was a deliberate planned terrorist attack that we had very good reason to expect.

It is particularly damning to this administration because it was not some totally random unanticapatable event, but something that only the extremely incompetent would not have prepared for under the circumstances.

of course here own remarks are self contradictory.

Tom Bowler

It was all remarkably well orchestrated. Beautifully. Nobody cares that Obama's policy -- a policy of sheer political vanity, a policy intended to demonstrate, "al Qaeda is on the run, bin Laden is dead, GM is alive" -- got four people killed. Susan Rice went out on the talk shows to make sure the conversation was about something else -- a video. And now? Who cares?

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