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December 03, 2020



Rigged elections are and always have been the norm in this world. For over two hundred years, we were the exception. One thing that all countries have in common is that once a regime comes to power illegally, they don’t allow dissent or opposition.

Information about what happened in Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Philadelphia between election night and the morning of November 4 2020 has been thoroughly censored since the election.

A Google search for 2020 election fraud returned 259,000,000 results, all wiped clean of evidence of election fraud.

Twitter banned Trump when he said he had proof that the election was stolen. They also shut down the accounts of his lawyers and other team members who had worked to compile that proof as well as over 70,000 Americans who tweeted or retweeted the words “stop the steal”.

Apple and Google removed Parler from their app stores and then Amazon shut down their servers because its 15 million users were disseminating information about election fraud.

Every purveyor of information in the United States from Wikipedia to New York corporate media worked together to prevent the mountain of evidence substantiating election fraud from reaching the American people.

The fact that questions are not allowed, is by itself evidence.


One of Joe Bidens first acts as President was to stop construction of the Keystone pipeline, preserving 40,000 eighteen wheeled tanker trucks that currently deliver oil from Canada and the Dakotas to Texas refineries. Those trucks will consume three quarters of a million tires, a billion gallons of diesel and several billion dollars worth of road building and maintenance every year that the pipeline remains unfinished.

Tom Bowler

I appreciate your comments, Dan. I have just recently resumed regular posting here, so I am not used to seeing any comments. I'll pay better attention so you don't have to feel like you're talking to yourself.

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