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February 21, 2021



You are more optimistic than I am. But I hope you are right.

The media does not show Biden’s dementia, so democrats think he’s just fine. It’s beyond scary!

Tom Bowler

Yes, Democrats on the ground think Biden is just fine, Jane. But I think the upper echelons know he's lost it. It just doesn't matter to them. With 50+ Executive Orders teed up and ready for Biden to sign in his first few days, it's unimaginable that folks handing Biden the orders to sign don't know that he's not in any meaningful way in charge. Biden is a puppet.

Isn't it amazing how all the false accusations against Trump are true of Democrats. I listened to an acquaintance tell me that Trump was Putin's puppet.


I can’t help but thinking our country is over. I never thought I’d celebrate being older than dirt! Why hasn’t one - just one democrat stood up to this joke? Is this what our country is now about?

Tom Bowler

I don't think it's over, Jane. Not yet, anyway. The election dealt a wound that might in the end be fatal. If the 2022 midterms go the same was as 2020, it's over. If not, maybe there's hope.
All those people we thought would stand up, didn't -- Barr, Barret, Kavanaugh, Durham. I thought the stakes were so high that Roberts might even come through, but no.

Can't give up, though. But at the same time, discretion is the better part of valor. It's an information war.

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