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April 22, 2021



A mere recount of physical ballots doesn't detect ballot stuffing.

Tom Bowler

That's true if all they do is run the ballots through the tabulating machines again, but this has been advertised as a hand recount and an audit, which implies there will be an inspection of the ballots themselves. It's possible that visually inspecting the ballots will uncover some ballot anomalies.

There are also those troubling reports of a capability described in the Dominion Voting Systems manual for conducting a "weighted race," whatever that might mean. Maybe the Arizona audit will shed some light on it.

Jeannette Jaquish

The hand recount is now done and it says there were ZERO differences from the original voting reports. ZERO. That is either excellent ballot processing or "meddling" with the mailed in ballots and the ballot machine internal tallies. If paper ballots were swapped for new and the balloting machine records are self justifying could it be detected? I puzzle over if there is any valid reason for the Maricopans to resist handing over the ballots and machines to the state for examination. How many or how few people would need to be involved for a ballot changing conspiracy to work? I want to know specifically how paper ballots are handled, counted and secured, and how the Dominion counting machines work. As a Libertarian, I hope my party sent their best people.

Jeannette Jaquish The posted results of the hand recount.

Tom Bowler

According to the report, the hand count that had zero discrepancies began on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 at 6:08 p.m. I don't think the results are in for the recount and audit that began this past April and is the subject of this post.

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