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October 30, 2021


William MacReynolds

Great Job! I am a retired Space Engineer and Manager and have been researching like yourself. I have even stumbled on many of the same info. Look at Ireland these days . Why was a great way to express findings.

Tom Bowler

Thank you. To be clear, though, Dr. Phil Greer is the author, not me. I'm just following his direction and distributing this as widely as I'm able and hoping it will help.

Gordon King

A big thanks from NSW, Australia for the bad news, Tom and Dr. Phil. I am double vaxxed so that I can now travel for work purposes, and have as yet, had no adverse side effects two months down the track, touch wood and fingers crossed. Government policy here placed me in a very difficult position, get vaxxed or don't work.
I am neither pro nor anti-vax, a victim I feel of the confusion and fear generated by the propaganda machine and government policy I ingested in ignorance.

Why would the major governments of the world purposely create a future situation that potentially would create far more serious health issues, social chaos, and death than Covid?

Why and how would those governments even begin to think that they could cover it up when the negative future effects described in the above article will certainly eventuate and bring about their downfall along with possible prosecution. That path seems (is) decidedly stupid, malicious, uncaring, unsympathetic, evil.

Have they all been duped?

Are they all that afraid?

Are they all beholden to big money?

One or two politicians here in Australia have spoken out and been castigated, threatened, and demonised.

I (kind of) appreciate you disseminating this information, although it causes me great concern.

Regards Gordon

Joan Pearce

I had great difficulty reading it all in detail because I am losing my vision, but what I have read is spot on. What I think you did not mention is this plandemic was brought about by Fauci, Gates, Soros, et at back in 2017 and they worked on the so called vax at the same time, knowing full well what a danger it was. The aim is to reduce the population of the world. Klaus Schwab is the instigator and he is planning the 'new world order'.

Tom Bowler

Gordon & Joan,

Thanks for your comments. Gordon, you ask, "Are they all beholden to big money?" I believe the answer is yes. When Trump ran for president against the Swamp, I think even he had no idea of its extent. My first terrifying clue was when James Comey "exonerated" Hillary Clinton when it's clear she should have been charged with a crime for housing classified information on her unauthorized email server. James Comey's announcement revealed that the FBI is owned --bought and paid for. But even then, I thought of the Swamp as an American Swamp.

It has since become clear, as you point out, Joan, that the Swamp is international in scope. And it's all about the money. "Green" companies make billions fighting "climate change," drug companies make billions on vaccines, with more to be made as governments get ready to mandate the vaccination of children -- whose chances of dying from COVID are nearly zero.

Two things I think we need to do. Get control of our elections. Voting is a right, but it's also a privilege and a responsibility. Only citizens who are legally entitled to vote can be allowed to vote. And elections should be subject to full and transparent auditing.

The second and more difficult thing is to enact campaign financing and compensation reform so that both our elected and unelected officials work for the taxpayers and no one else.

Steve in Perth

Very well written article. I personally agree with ALL of it and have done my own “armchair journalism.”
I try very hard to check everything with actual source information.
My pet topic is IVERMECTIN. It could have stopped this pandemic dead in its tracks, as it has done in India.
The classic give away regarding the Pharma corruption, is Merck. The original manufacturer of IVM, (now off patent) went about their way to put down and smear the drug, while in the sidelines developing their own equivalent, albeit different molecular version “molnupiravir” as doctor Pierre Kory suggested to US Republican congressmen and women, this surely constitutes some sort of criminal act, when you consider how many lives lost, could have been saved, by the actions of Merck. That’s just the tip of the iceberg I think.
TGA in Australia, when banning/restricting the use of IVM, could only come up with 3 very weak straw man arguments. Basically:
1) those taking the drug might feel wrongly protected and violate covid protocols. (Ironically it’s the vaxed that now appear to be the problem.)
2) doctors might prescribe too larger doses, in other words overdose their patients, based on what they might read on social media. Outrageously pathetic argument.
3) Australia’s supply of the drug may become depleted! An unwittingly sublte admission as to how many people know the truth about the drug.
With regards DAEN here in Australia, here’s the link,
( https://apps.tga.gov.au/PROD/DAEN/daen-entry.aspx ) type in “COVID-19 vaccine” and it comes up with all 4. Compare it to any other vaccines, and interestingly ivermectin, it’s shocking. Do the same on this WHO adverse event website vigiaccess.org
again shocking and the truth sits there in broad day light.

Tom Bowler


On behalf of Dr. Phil Greer, author, thanks.

On my own behalf, thanks for the link to the Database of Adverse Event Notifications. I did as you suggested and looked up COVID-19 vaccine, a search which came up four medicines. For reporting dates I used January 1, 2018 through October 22, 2021. Results:

4 medicines selected between 01/01/2018 - 22/10/2021.

Selected medicines

Trade name Active ingredients

COMIRNATY COVID-19 vaccine tozinameran
COVID-19 Vaccine (TNS) COVID-19 Vaccine (Type not specified)
COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca ChAdOx1-S (Viral vector)
Spikevax COVID-19 vaccine Elasomeran (mRNA)

Search results

The results are shown in two tabs.

Number of reports (cases): 71414
Number of cases with a single suspected medicine: 70271
Number of cases where death was a reported outcome: 620

Using the same dates I search for ivermectin. Results:

2 medicines selected between 01/01/2018 - 22/10/2021.

Selected medicines

Trade name Active ingredients

Stromectol ivermectin
Tradename not specified ivermectin

Search results

The results are shown in two tabs.

Number of reports (cases): 8
Number of cases with a single suspected medicine: 4
Number of cases where death was a reported outcome: 2

Quite an alarming but unsurprising comparison

Steve in Perth

Interestingly the figures on the vaccines have gone up in the last three weeks by:

Cases 2652. Deaths 15

If you visit the WHO site, (not surprisingly doesn’t show deaths). vigiaccess.org. And do same search,

Today 7/11/21 total adverse event records for covid-19 vaccine: 2,444,292.
It appears to go up around 100k per week.

As a comparison to smallpox, which the vaccine is often compared to: 6891 events, and that’s since 1968.

The vigiaccess.org site is very interesting, and has tabs for age group, sex, geographic and years.
It lists the total medical spectrum of adverse events, and the had drop down menus inside those.

For example here are some of the events:

General disorders and administration site conditions (1474428) injection site pain etc.
Nervous system disorders (1042133)
Gastrointestinal disorders (493951)
Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders (334647)
Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders (260792)
Blood and lymphatic system disorders (99705)

So from my understanding, the number 2,444,292 stands for number of records, but these are the broken down into a particular number of actual events.

Something not right there, and zero main stream interest.

Tom Bowler


Thanks for pointing these things out. Your comments are appreciated.

I didn't notice earlier, that death is not among the adverse reactions tabulated in the WHO reporting. Good catch. I suppose adverse reactions = events, and it seems likely that one vaccine patient can suffer multiple adverse reactions.

Cynic that I am, I suspect that the main stream has zero interest in adverse reactions of any kind because there is too much money to be made on vaccines. Forbes recently reported that the Moderna CEO is among the newest crop of billionaires. It wouldn't surprise me if we were to learn that media outlets were influenced by the heavy ad spending from the pharmaceutical industry. Like, "We spend a lot of money with you guys, and we expect fairness in your coverage."

In the U.S., Emergency Use Authorization for vaccines is not supposed to be given if other effective treatments are available. That explains the strong negative coverage surrounding hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. The pharmaceutical industry's opportunity costs would be counted in the billions if the media were to report on the safety and effectiveness of those drugs.

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